Cabinets built to last - beautifully.

As exciting as adding new cabinets to your home is, it's not something you want to do on a regular basis. So STAR carries quality cabinets, built of fine materials, designed and constructed to give you years of beautiful, hassle-free enjoyment. Ask your STAR designer to explain the fine points of cabinet selection.

Materials of Construction

Most people think cabinets are made of wood. And, for the most part, they’re right. Usually the doors and drawer fronts are made of solid wood. The sides, backs, and bottoms can be constructed from particle board, fiberboard, or plywood. Each is strong enough to do the job.  Let a STAR designer help guide you to the selection that is best for you.

Drawer Options/Construction

Perhaps the most important part of your cabinet’s construction is the corners of its drawers. They have to fit and hold together tightly, or you’ve got problems. Dovetail, mortise and tenon, dado, doweled, and rabbet are all joining methods that strengthen the drawer for longer use and fewer problems.

Toe Kick and Base Options

“Toe kick” refers to the area at the base of your cabinets. The "Toe Kick" area can be recessed below the cabinets or can protrude out past the cabinet front.  Either style protects your wood from scuffs, and makes using the cabinet more comfortable and ergonomic.

Foot Options

Accent your design with just the right cabinet feet from STAR. Your designer can help you select from a wide range of looks and styles, from classic to contemporary. 

Glass and Grille Options

The doors of your cabinets don't have to be wood. STAR glass and grille options let you add a patterned, see through design. They're available in all sorts of styles, including classic, art deco, mission, contemporary, and more.