Interior Doors

A home is not only where families gather, but also a quiet sanctuary to relax and reflect. Simply close your door and you've created an oasis. Interior doors define spaces, add design elements and provide privacy. They can be as simple as a smooth, one dimensional single door or as complex as a double door with a transom (horizontal window over the door). Not only are the styles endless they can be designed in multiple configurations to suit your personal style. At Star we can help you create beautiful interior spaces with the largest selection of door styles, species and configurations in Kansas. We also have a fully operational door manufacturing facility and build most doors right here in Wichita.


Flush is such a simple, generic word but it means so much. A flush door is a smooth, one dimensional surface that will compliment a comtemporary design nicely. At Star you can find your perfect flush door in a variety of species like oak, maple, birch and mahogany, just to name a few.


In additional to providing privacy there are areas of the home that need adequate ventilation. At Star you don't have to sacrifice style for function. A louvered door is a stile and rail door with horizontal slats to allow air flow. Or choose a half-louver with louvers on the top with a panel on the bottom. Need more ventilation? Then choose a full-louvered door with slats on the top and bottom. Most louvered doors are readily available in pine. If you need a different species of wood visit a Star showroom and talk to a door specialist.  

Molded Panel Series

These beautifully engineered doors suit any decor and are available in either
smooth or textured finishes with matching bifolds. Molded Panel Doors from Masonite are more durable, and resist warping, shrinking, and cracking better than solid wood doors. All doors come primed for easy finishing in a variety of styles, widths and heights. The most recognized style is the 6-panel textured door or the v-grooved planked Cheyenne.  If you love the look of the sleek, smooth lines of a molded panel door but desire more definition then consider a Masonite Palazzo Series with the look and feel of a raised panel door.

Wood Stile & Rail

Stile and rail doors consist of a vertical side frame known as a stile and a horizontal frame member known as a rail. A basic stile and rail door consists of a top rail, a bottom rail, two stiles, and inset panels to form the final design. These doors come in a variety of styles, species and sizes. You can also change the panel profiles to compliment your personal style; craftsman, traditional or contemporary.

French Door

A French door has glass panes that extend for most of its length and usually come in a pair. The original French doors were constructed of individual, single paned pieces of glass and wood. But over time, the door has become widely popular because of its multifunctional uses and beauty. French doors are a popular choice for many home owners and office buildings because they bring light into a room and also function as a door. The variety of panel, glass designs and wood species make a significant design difference in any home. French doors add the charm and light of glass to a wood door construction. They are both paintable and stainable.