Patio Doors

At Star we believe that the perfect patio door should be functional, beautiful and provide you with years of worry free performance. That's why you will find brands like Andersen, Milgard, Masonite and ThermaTru just to name a few. You will find patio doors that can be streamlined in appearance to emphasize viewing area. Or they can be works of art in their own right, such as a French patio door with a rich wood interior and accented with a vintage grid pattern. They can slide open and shut to save space. Or they can open inward or outward. The new rave in patio doors are folding doors that collapse towards the sides for maximum access. No one type of patio door works with every architecture style. When considering patio doors for replacement or new construction, you will want to take the opportunity to find just the right door. Visit a Star showroom today.

Single Patio Door

A single patio door is just as it sounds, one single door that can be hinged to swing into the home or as an outswing. These doors have a large glass area to maximize the viewing area and can be accessorized with grilles, decorative glass and your hardware of choice. Available in limited widths and heights by Andersen and Milgard.

Gliding (Sliding) Patio Door

Gliding, or sliding, patio doors operate on a bottom rail and there is a fixed door on one side and the other door slides to the side to open. Even though the basic principle sound simple, gliding patio doors are anything but simple. If space is an issue start with a 5' wide, 2 door option.  Plenty of wall space picture a 12' wide, 4 door model, when you open the 2 center doors you have nearly 6' of clear pass though space. Thanks to Andersen and Milgard  these doors come in several sizes, styles, colors and finishes and can be accessorized with grilles, glass, hardware and trim options.  

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors are hinged on the side and typically both doors will either swing into the home or as an outswing. Hinged patio doors are commonly referred to as french doors. These doors are tremendous at maximizing access to the outside but the trade off is you do need lots of room for the doors to swing into the room. However one really nice feature is the doors will swing 180 degrees and will can lay flat against the wall if space allows. They come in multiple configuration in widths in 2, 3 or 4 door options, in varying heights. Thanks to Andersen and Milgard  these doors come in several sizes, styles, colors and finishes and can be accessorized with grilles, glass, retractable screens, hardware and trim options.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors are relatively new to the market. They operate on the same principle as bi-fold closet doors. The door panels hinge and fold away to the sides in an accordian fashion. This can happen from the center outward to the the doors edge in extremely wide openings, or from one side to the other in standard openings. In the Andersen line these doors are available in several styles, sizes, colors, finishes, glass options, hardware and trim options.