Look, Touch, Feel, Experience Carpet From Star

Anything you could imagine in a carpet you'll find here. Textures, colors, patterns and materials from flooring's finest manufacturers are available for your home.

But Star is more than just a place to pick a carpet - it's a way to truly experience it. Touch, stand, and walk around on various possibilities in the expansive Star carpet showroom.

You'll have Star's team backing you all the way. Starting with your professionally trained designer who guides you through the many options to find the right carpet at the right price. STAR estimators make quick, precise work of the details, and expert installers bring fine craftsmanship to the project.

Choosing the style that's right for you

There are three styles of carpeting to consider as you begin your search: texture, loop, and pattern. Texture is the feel of the covering, from soft and cushiony to firm. Loop style affects the carpets durability and ease of cleaning, and can contribute to its texture. Pattern carpets incorporate different colors, yarn densities, and pile heights to create a multi-dimensional look. 


Where and how you'll use your carpet is called its "application." It's a way of matching the materials, weave, and construction of the carpet to the qualities you desire. From cloud-soft silk to industrial-strength durable synthetics, Star carries hundreds of carpets perfect for your unique application.

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Stairs are often where carpet installers meet their match. Working around spindles, matching patterns, fitting the material snugly is tricky. It requires experience, and patience. But the master craftsmen of Star get it right. Every time. 



Today, a carpet is more than just a floor cover - it's a design statement. Star can open your eyes to colors and patterns that will speak volumes. Pick a color, and Star will find carpeting to match perfectly, and help you pull your room together beautifully. 

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What's under the carpet counts, too. Cushion helps hold your carpet firmly in place, and allows you to choose another layer of softness or firmness. Star offers eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and extra durable cushion. Feel the difference for yourself - walk across the full range of cushions laid out for you in our showroom.


Even the most expensive carpet is only as good as the installers who lay it. Turn to us, and you're guaranteed quality, precision, and trustworthy installation, backed by Star, every step of the way. 

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