The soft beauty of hardwood flooring

Simply nothing can compare with the warmth, the richness, the one-of-a-kind-every-time look of hardwood flooring. It's a category full of options - including wood types, grain, texture and direction, stains and finishes, and more. Your STAR designer will guide you from selection through estimation and installation to create the perfect look for any room in
your home.

Wood Types

With a forest of more than 50 species to choose from, how do you find the perfect wood for your floor? Trust your STAR designer to guide you to the right tree. Our solid wood flooring is available in wide planks, narrow strips, and everything in between, in a full range of grain styles and finishes. Come in today, and learn more about the wonder of wood. 



Choosing engineered wood flooring gives the look of hardwood with the added strength of layering. It's made of three or more wood layers glued together into long planks, with a top thin solid-wood veneer layer in a variety of species. Laminated floors tend to be more stable than solid-wood, and less likely to split, warp, or shrink with changes in humidity. 




There's no end to what can - and is - done to enhance the look of wood. Hand scraping and distressing gives it a rustic, generational look. Pickling creates a white hue. French bleed highlights board edges. Oiled and burnished creates the look of aged wood.



People hold some pretty passionate views about finishing wood floors with sealers such as aluminum oxide and polyurethane. Some argue sealers distract from the natural luster of the wood and dull over time. Others believe the wood looks better, lasts longer and is easier to clean with a sealer to protect it from wear. Whatever you decide, STAR is there with advice on how select and enjoy your floors.