Floor Tile Is A Look For The Ages

Like wood, the use and popularity of tile is centuries old. It's a covering that is durable, long lasting, and the quintessential kitchen covering. Tile comes in a never-ending pallet of colors, patterns, textures, and materials. It's easy to clean, long-lived, and affordable even for tight remodeling budgets.

Today's baked-in finishes came in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs from old word the most contemporary of looks. Take a new look at a proven favorite at STAR.


STAR carries tiles cut from a variety of stone types including sandstone, granite, slate, and marble.

Certified porcelain tile is quickly becoming the gold standard in tile. Porcelain is a clay-based tile that has been baked longer and hotter and is much stronger than ceramic tile. Being a stronger tile, it is less prone to damage.

Molded from clay, ceramic tiles offer a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors at affordable prices.

Shapes and Sizes

Tiles large and small, long and short. Mix and match tile shapes and sizes for a striking new look. A creative layout can add interest to an otherwise neutral design. However, not all tile sizes and types are right for every application. STAR can help determine the right fit for your home.

Color and Finishes

Tile color is a matter of taste, and room function and size. Your STAR designer will help you choose just the right hue from hundreds of possibilities. Tile also offers a variety of textures and finishes, from smooth and polished to rough, matte looks. Expand you pallet at STAR.


Tile installation isn’t over ‘til the grout work is done. Available in cemetitious, acrylic, or urethane mixtures, the grout that’s right for your tile depends on the kind of tile material you’ve chosen, the distance between tiles, the kinds of spills your floor will likely be exposed to, and your budget. STAR has one of the best grout selections in the area and your've sure to find a color to match your tile.


The underlayment is the foundation of your tile - and it’s essential for your floor. The subfloor installed when your house was built may not have the stability a new tile floor would require. The right underlayment helps to ensure a long life for your tile floor and eliminate grout cracking and loose tile.

Stop by our showroom to learn more about choosing the right underlayment for your new tile floor.


Though some handymen and women choose to do their own installation, most depend on teams from STAR to do the job quickly, and correctly. We work with only the best crews in the business, who've proven themselves capable and trustworthy. And STAR stands by you, making sure you're happy with the material and the work.