Siding Accessories

Siding may be the main feature on the exterior walls of your home but there is so much more to a home's exterior than just the siding. There are outside corners, trim, soffit and fascia in different sizes and styles that when used effectively with the right siding can make a dramatic statement on any home. At Star you will find lots of options in siding accessories to choose from. 

Siding Trim

A home's trim comes in several forms; outside corner, inside corner, window and door trim. Every siding has a recommended trim board that compliments the siding and when used together, and installed correctly, make a nice looking package and a very well protected home. At Star you'll find the expertise and product options to help you get the job done right. 

Siding Corners

Every siding has a recommend corner that is typically used. This is usually due to how the siding is applied and when used with the right trim make a nice, effective, exterior package. At Star you'll find advice and options for trim in different products and sizes. 

Corner Options; 

  • Metal pre-fab corners. 
  • Rough cedar. 
  • Engineered Smart Side Trim. 
  • AZEK PVC trim. 
Siding Fascia

The siding fascia is the exterior trim that covers the rafter tails and rake edges of your roof trusses. Most newer homes use a 6" fascia but this is not always the case. At Star we have lots of options for fascia regardles of the age or style of the home. Here are just a few of the options you will find at Star; 

  • Rough Cedar in several widths. 
  • Clear Redwood. 
  • Hardboard lap siding in smooth or textured finish. 
  • Engineered Smart Lap siding or Smart Side trim. 

Special Order: 

  • AZEK PVC composite trim boards. 


Siding Soffit

The soffit of your home is frequently referred to as the roofs overhang. It is sided so the roof can be insulated for warmth. But it is also important to keep airflow moving through your homes attic so it can breathe. For that reason soffit is available in solid and vented panels in most siding offerings. Since all soffits are not created equally you can trust that Star can help you find the right product for your home regardless of what you have.