Glass Options

A good window will provide years of comfort and it all starts with selecting the right glass. Your windows should make your home safe, comfortable and pay you back in energy savings. With several glass packages available Star can help you achieve impressive window performance and enjoyment for a lifetime.

Energy Savings

A high performance window will provide years of comfort. The type of glass selected plays a huge part in window performance. You may have read or heard about Low-E or Low-Emissivity but what does it  mean? We can use big words to explain what Low-E is but you really need to feel the difference. Visit a Star showroom to see a live demonstration of high performance glass at work with our exclusive heat lamp display.   A Star specialist can give you all the specifications you need to select the right glass for your home.

Safety Glass

Local building codes will require that safety glass be used in those area where there is any risk of a person walking through a window. Safety glass is offered in tempered, laminated or reinforced glass. With Star you don't have to sacrifice beauty for safety. You can have both. A Star window specialist can help you choose the appropriate safety glass for your window project.

Glass Patterns

This is where personality meets imagination meets window options.  At Star you'll find the glass you need to deliver energy savings and performance.Low-E glass provides outstanding performance in saving both heating and cooling costs.  Lamented glass adds strength, enhanced security and sound control.  Patterned glass lets in light while obscuring vision. From basic tinted glass to the Frank Lloyd Wright art glass collection from Andersen windows, at Star you will find the perfect glass for your new windows.

Glass Block

Glass block windows can be manufactured in a variety of ways; actual glass blocks that are assembled on site and mortared together to form a window, actual glass block that is assembled at the factory and set in an aluminum frame and installed as a complete unit and the most popular, acrlyic glass block windows. These look and feel like glass block but they are lighter, economical and offer more styles, colors and sizes. At Star we can help you decide which glass block window works for your project.