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Window Materials

Today there are several options in frame materials for window: wood, vinyl, or fiberglass . Each has its own distinctive features such as a low maintenance exterior or a warm comforting interior, and all are designed to provide years of worry free living. Star can help you custom build a window that suits your lifestyle and compliments your home's architecture.


A well designed and constructed vinyl window can prove to be a durable, low maintenance option and you won't have to give up a lot of options. Vinyl windows come in several styles, sizes and colors to compliment your decor.They have also proven to be a great option for those buyers that demand an energy efficient window.

Wood Clad

By design wood is a natural insulator which makes it a great choice for a window frame. For centuries windows were made entirely of wood and were considered costly to maintain. Today you can select an exterior material to protect against the elements and a wood interior.  It can be painted or stained to match any decor, or if you prefer, leave it in its natural state and enjoy the raw beauty of it.


Want the low maintenance that vinyl offers but refuse to give up the warmth and beauty of wood? Then fiberglass is the perfect choice. Fiberglass frames are strong, energy efficient, low maintenance and you won't have to give up beauty. They come in all styles, shapes and colors to compliment any decor.