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Let your cabinets do the heavy lifting.

What's the best way to reach something in the far corners of your cabinets? Have the cabinets come to you. STAR carries all sorts of cabinet add-ons that make storage quick and easy as sliding out a drawer. Tell your STAR designer how you'll use your cabinets and he or she can suggest simple ways to make them even more usable. 

Spice Rack

Spice up your kitchen cooking with convenience. STAR can help you design or find racks to hold all your seasonings, give you easy access during food preparation, then slide securly out of sight when the cooking is done.


Mixer Popup

Your mixer does a lot of work - but it also takes up a whole lot of counter space. A popup solves the problem by letting you store the mixer out of sight, then effortlessly bring it to counter height when you're ready to use it. Sitting on its own permanent base, you won't have to give up an inch of cooking space for your mixer.

Pan Organizer

Grabbing a pot of pan out of cabinet storage is a hassle - especially when you're in the middle of food preparation. Adding a pan organizer to your kitchen eliminates that problem. Cookware slides out easily, in place, so you can grab, go, and cook. 

Appliance Overlay

Take kitchen customization to the next level. Cover metallic covers such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and others with panels that match the wood or colors of your cabinet. Ask your STAR designer for full details.


Trash Storage

Don't trash your kitchen - hide it behind a pull-out drawer built just to hold the trash can, and keep it out of sight.