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Check out an update on the Star Showcase Home. We’ve added sheetrock, doors and fencing. It’s coming along!

A quick update on the Star Showcase Home! We have been busy this spring and making a lot of progress. The three most exciting things we have been working on are the doors, sheetrock, and fencing.

Let’s take a look at the doors! All of the lower level doors are made from a gorgeous oak and fit the style of the house. The upstairs doors are made from poplar and will be painted. Each of the doors were custom made at Star’s custom door mill shop. They were assembled in the mill jams were built around them and delivered intact.

You can count on Star Lumber’s custom door mill shop to custom build any interior or exterior door. They have a variety of door styles and wood species to choose from which makes creating the door of your dreams a breeze!

All of the doors and trim in the upstairs portion of the home is built from poplar and will be painted later on in the project. We chose to use a different quality of wood because it will create a great finish once it has been painted which will blend in with the existing features and look of the upstairs.

We’ve also done a lot of sheetrock in the house. This was done in areas where we either tore down a wall or the plaster was too damaged to preserve. The room where sheetrock has made the biggest impact has been in the master bedroom. We were able to maintain a lot of the curved entryways and spaces in the house using sheetrock despite having to change the layout. You will notice we preserved is a neat curved entry walking into the dressing area and the closet.

Another room we have made a lot of progress on is the entertainment room. If you remember our contest a while back, we had a tie between options 2 & 3. So, we decided to sheet rock the room and put wainscotting up to pay homage to the original wood paneling. We will add beams across the ceiling. These changes will brighten the room and make it a really great family room.

Additionally, we will be adding the bar element. We built a half wall which has been plumbed to be a modern wet bar that will be in keeping with the style of the home.

Originally, there was a giant picture window in the family room. We removed the picture window and put in two smaller windows to match the windows on the upstairs portion of the home. Then we added a window seat. This will be a cool place to hang out and have a great view of the street and the driveway. It adds a little extra seating and a cool new element to the room.

If you remember, we removed the wall between the dining room and the kitchen to open the space up. However, we wanted to create a visual differentiation between the two rooms. So, we added a beautiful hickory wainscotting and added a cool paintable wallpaper. The wall paper will add texture and give the room an old yet modern feel once it has been painted.

We have completed the cedar fence in the backyard as well. We used premium cedar fence boards with metal posts. With this type of fencing, there will be less warping, cracking, splitting, and other damage. This creates a quality fence that will last for years to come.

When the home was purchased, it had a swimming pool in the backyard. The entire backyard was taken up by a swimming pool, concrete, and a little bit of landscaping. Pearson was able to help us remove the pool and fill in with dirt. Since that work has been completed, we have killed out the weeds in the backyard which allows us to come in and level it off, grade it out, add sod, and an irrigation system.

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