Star LumberPro

Star LumberPro Mobile App Information and Usage

Star LumberPro is a new mobile application available to our professional contractors and remodelers. Currently, usage of the app is by invitation only. If you would like more information, would like to request access to Star LumberPro, or need assistance please email us or call 316.946.1663.

The video library below will walk you through using the various elements of the mobile application.

Star LumberPro Introduction and Sign Up

Learn what the Star LumberPro app is (and what it isn’t!) and how to sign up to use the app. (1:38)

Star LumberPro Ordering

Learn how to add products and submit your order. (4:25)

Star LumberPro Delivery of Existing Orders

If you have an existing order, it’s easy to schedule delivery and set specific delivery instructions right through the app. (1:10)

Star LumberPro Order History and Reordering

You can few your order history by job site to easily reorder product or product packages. (1:03)

Star LumberPro Return Request

Return requests are easy through the LumberPro app. (1:21)

Star LumberPro Training – Extended Overview

This 15 min video includes all the training sessions above plus a few extra features of the LumberPro app. (14:22)