Remote control deck lighting

The beautiful deck is now complete with a new railing and lighting system from ADI. It’s easy to install, remote controlled and adds such a gorgeous element of ambiance to the space. With the deck coming off the screened in porch, this back yard space is shaping up to be a great entertainment area.

Today we are with Luke from Absolute Distribution Inc. (ADI). His team has installed the Deck Pro Prestige Aluminum Handrail in absolute black color. It’s a textured black finish and is a beautiful addition to the project. We chose this color and style because of two reasons:

  1. it matches the house’s metal and window trims
  2. it brings out the color in the deck

The design of the product comes in a bread loaf style handrail which is a really elegant addition to this home project. In addition to the handrailing, we have installed a four inch surface mounted post that is really heavy duty. If someone tries to grab a hold of the railing and posts, they won’t be able to move it because of it’s strong, robust stature. It really makes the deck look impressive.

This railing will last a long time! The material has a limited lifetime warranty and comes with a AAMA 2603 powder coating finish which will stand up to the harsh UV rays. The sun’s UV destroys many outdoor products but the AAMA 2603 powder coating will allow the railing to last a long time. There won’t be any fading over the life of the product.

The railing system has a quick installation process. Most of the time, it is installed with a jig system. The jig system allows installing the brackets without using a tape measure which speeds up the installation process up to 40% and makes for quick install.

You should see the Deck Pro EFFEX post caps and lighting! It is gorgeous at night! Paired with the Deck Pro Prestige rail system is the Deck Pro EFFEX low voltage LED lighting. The lighting system can be controlled with a small remote control that will adjust all the lights on the deck. The remote can turn the lights on and off and comes with three preset modes or the lighting can be dimmed to the desired brightness.

The beauty about the Deck Pro EFFEX lighting system is that it is a low voltage system and does not require an electrician. Anyone can install it! It is a very easy and simple installation process.

Each one of the caps has a male and a female connector with simple “plug-n-play” connections. The light has two leads coming off of it and allows daisy chaining around the deck through the top rail into each cap. There is no splicing of wires or caps that need to be used which only adds ease and speed to the installation process.

Luke and ADI are very honored to be a part of this project and love watching the Star Showcase Home evolve from start to system. They are pleased the net proceeds will benefit the Wichita Children’s Home. Because of this great benefit project, they were happy to donate the rail and lighting system to help the future homeowner enjoy the outdoor space.

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