hidden safe

Today we are going to take you on a behind the scenes tour of the Wichita Children’s Star Showcase home and show you some of the cool fand favorite features about the home. 

One of the cool discoveries is located to the right side of the side door.  It is a Majestic Milk and Package Receiver.  The package holder shows that it was created in 1926. It was used to receive milk deliveries and other smaller packages. Today, it could be used in a similar way to receive small Amazon packages and other small deliveries.

Hiding in plain sight behind a bookcase in the front entry way is a hidden staircase that leads to the unfinished basement.  However, throughout the years of renovation and the addition of an HVAC system, that space has been utilized to house some of those necessary components.  But…with a little updated renovation, this cool hidden feature can easily be restored to its treasured glory.

How many homes in today’s society have a fruit room?  In the 1920s, it wasn’t uncommon for homes to have a fruit room.  The room was used to store glass jars filled with fruit and vegetables, milk pans, and smoked meats hanging from the rafters. Today, we are using the space as a storage room to keep the elements and accessories of the home we would like to keep and repurpose in the remodeling project.

Let’s look at the beautiful stain glass windows that are on either side of the front entrance.  One of the windows is hidden in the coat closet and the other is in a small powder room.  Both windows have a beautiful flying geese motif with beautiful blues and browns.  The design and colors allow for privacy while allowing a decorative element and natural light into the small spaces.

Our last favorite find, was the discovery of a small wall mounted safe that was hidden behind a hanging picture.  We discovered it while removing things from the walls as we prepare for future demolition and renovation.