Star Showcase Home reveal

Star purchased this home about a month ago and one of the reasons we bought the home was because it has great bones but needs a lot of updating. There are a lot of great features and elements we love about the home and we would love to preserve and refurbish them like the wood flooring and windows

Also, this project will be a great way to show off Star Lumber’s talented designers and project specialist. They can demonstrate their skills with this project as well as prove how helpful they can be on your home remodeling projects.

As we walk through the home, we will point out the many features we will be keeping and refurbishing as well as the elements that we will tar out and rebuild.

This home has a lot of great woodwork and tile.  We will refinish the floors and bring them back to their original beauty. The outdated tile will be torn out along with mismatching woodwork. Our plans are to restore all of the woodwork to be in keeping with the original 1930s home. 

You will notice the mismatch trim differences in the baseboards and crown modelings.
The baseboards are gorgeous, tall, and thick millwork whereas the crown modeling is painted and doesn’t quite match the age or style of the home. With the help of Star Lumber’s Custom Mill Workshop, we will be able to create trim and crown modeling that is original to the style and period of the home.

The front door is simply gorgeous! It is two inches thick and has a custom arched top storm door. Our goal is to refinish the door and bring it back to its original luster.

Next, we will assess the windows of the home.  We want to make sure they all function and aren’t drafty.  Some of the windows are gorgeous and have beautiful leaded stain glass in them and some have interesting venting and locking systems.

Often, with full home renovations like this one, you can’t do everything which forces prioritization of projects. For this full remodel, a lot of the windows on the main level will remain because they are gorgeous and serve the home well. However, the windows on the upper level, are cracking, drafty, and inefficient and they will need to be replaced with custom wood windows so they match the rest of the trim and home.

In the mid 70’s or early 80’s, the kitchen was remodeled and is now outdated.  We will be working with our designers to create some plans. We would like to knock out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the space to create better traffic flow and modernize the space. We will also explore the soffit to see if we can fully utilize that space to install new, taller cabinets.  And, of course, new flooring and granite countertops will be installed.

The current style of the bathrooms are amazing and true to the age of the home. The porcelain bathroom fixtures and features are gorgeous- the toilets are beautiful with tall and big tanks. The bathrooms have another neat feature which are porcelain heater inserts and would be expensive to replace. We will do our best to preserve all of the older features like the basket weave tile floor and plumbing fixtures.

We love the entertainment room and its unique features with the wood paneled walls and custom millwork. Star Lumber can amplify any millwork feature by creating custom made products from Star’s Millwork Shop.  In the Showcase Home, we will create a fresh new bar front with updated trim and beautifully finished crown modeling.

Star Lumber is excited to work with the various remodeling partners. Our design specialist will design and make product selections while our remodeling partners will perform the installations. All of the various teams (Star Lumber, Star Lumber Design Team, & Remodeling Partners) will work together not just on this project but on customer projects to make sure everything goes as planned. 

Just like many home remodels, many times one remodeling contractor cannot do the full renovation and contractors need to partner up to complete the project.  With the Star Showcase home, we will have different partners for the kitchen, electrical, and exterior work.  These partnerships will not only showcase the capabilities of Star Lumber but also the remodeling partners too. Everyone involved with this home remodel will get to give back to the community to benefit the Wichita Children’s Home.

Many times, remodeling projects can get overwhelming.  That is where Star Lumber can help with our Design and Project Teams and Remodeling Partners.  We all have years of experience and help guide you through the remodeling process- from start to finish.