Kitchen countertop

Selecting new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom can be a tough decision. The style and appearance are important along with their durability and performance. Quartz and granite countertops are among the most popular options for kitchens today. They’re valued for their durability and elegance. But how do you choose which of these stone countertops is right for your kitchen and your budget? As a countertop and building supply store in Wichita, KS, Star Lumber created this countertop buying guide to help homeowners select the best countertops for their needs.

Granite vs Quartz – Understanding the Differences

Granite is a natural stone countertop material that’s valued for its unique patterns and color variations. Quartz is a solid surface countertop made from manufactured stone. It has more consistent patterns and quartz is available in a bigger range of colors. Both quartz and granite resist scratches and heat. And while quartz just needs regular cleaning, granite will also need to be sealed periodically. Granite is generally considered to be more expensive than quartz, but the patterns and colors impact the cost, with some options close to the price point of quartz.

Factors to Consider

Keep in mind that while quartz requires no maintenance, granite will need sealing at regular intervals. If you prefer a natural look, granite might be your best option, but if you like the consistent patterns of engineered stone, quartz might suit your style best. And of course, consider how your new countertops will look with your kitchen cabinets, backsplash and appliances.

Shopping for New Countertops

Get samples when possible

Viewing a countertop sample in the lighting in your own kitchen will help you ensure it will look great with your existing cabinets and backsplash. However, if you’re replacing the backsplash and/or the cabinets too, it’s best to see all of the new elements together if you can.

Bring photos

If you’ve found photos online of countertops you love, bring them with you when shopping for quartz or granite counters. It’s also a good idea to take photos and measurements of your own kitchen so you can get an idea of how many linear feet of countertops you’ll need as well as any special considerations for an island or peninsula.

Choose a knowledgeable supplier

Shopping at a big-box home improvement store for your new countertops may seem convenient, but you’ll find specialty stores and building supply stores like Star Lumber have more knowledgeable staff and likely have access to better quality products and warranties. They can connect you with skilled installers and help you get a stunning look for your new countertops.

Understand the different edge profiles

Whether you choose granite or quartz countertops, you’ll need to select the edge profile you want. This is the shape of the front edge of your countertops. There are a wide range of countertop edge profiles to choose from, whether you want a rounded edge, a square edge, beveled edge, or a more elaborate style.

Hire an experienced countertop installer

When you invest in stone kitchen countertops, make sure they’re installed safely and correctly by hiring a professional countertop installer. They will also ensure any seams are sealed appropriately and your countertops are secured to the base cabinets.

Transform Your Kitchen with Stone Countertops

Remember, granite and quartz are both excellent countertop options, so you can’t go wrong with either choice. Choose the countertops that fit your budget and offer the look and maintenance level you want. If you live in Wichita, Kansas, shop for new stone countertops at Star Lumber. Our design specialists will help you choose quartz or granite countertops to create your dream kitchen.