remove siding

Today we are taking off the siding!

The Star Delivery Team uses a Moffitt Forklift to assist with the delivery of products to job sites. Here’s how a Moffitt forklift is used to make deliveries easier at the job site!  It mounts to the back of the semi-trailer or delivery truck.  Once the delivery guys get to the job site, they will unload the forklift and use it to unload the products off the trailer and place them wherever they are needed on the job site.

The Star delivery team just dropped off the James Hardy pre-finished siding. James Hardy siding does not need to be painted and has a great warranty.

Now that the siding has been delivered, the Star Team can start pulling off the old siding and preparing the house to install the new siding.  Normally, we don’t provide this service but since this is a special project and the remodelers are donating their time, we are going to help with the demolition process to make it easier and less time consuming for their teams.