No matter your size, Star recognizes that as a remodeler you have specialized needs from us to help make you successful. For many years Star has worked hard to meet those needs through our Remodelers Resource Team. We have a group dedicated to YOU the remodeler. This team is made up of assigned salespeople able to visit you at your job site or office, they are backed up by then a dedicated team inside our stores. These experienced professionals will see you through each project from start to finish! We also understand you have unique delivery needs and are prepared to deliver!

remodelers resource
remodelers resource group

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Meet Our Team


  • carpet


    Anything you could imagine in a carpet you'll find here.

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  • tile


    It's a covering that is durable, long lasting, and the quintessential floor covering.

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  • hardwood

    Hardwood Flooring

    Simply nothing can compare with the warmth, the richness, the one of a kind look of hardwood flooring.

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  • laminate

    Laminate Flooring

    It looks like wood or tile, but laminate flooring delivers flexibility of use at an affordable price.

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  • luxury vinyl

    Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    Mimics the look of anything, including ceramic tiles, hardwood, cement, leather, and a host of decorative styles.

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  • Kitchen Cabinets


    More than just storage places, the right cabinets highlight the look and feel of every room.

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  • decking


    Whether you are entertaining or want a private retreat you can turn your backyard vision into reality with the deck of your dreams.

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  • door installation


    Every bit as important as the design of your room is the door that opens it to the world.

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  • hardware


    At Star we understand attention to detail and that’s why we will work with you to find the perfect hardware.

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  • millwork


    One of the most overlooked elements of remodeling can make all the difference in the final look of your room.

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  • siding


    Nothing will affect the appearance of your home more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose.

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  • windows


    Windows do far more than simply let in light. From the inside looking out, they frame nature, and make the view part of your room.

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  • trusses


    Star is the region's leader in designing, building and delivering roof and floor trusses to make sure your project is done efficiently and on time!

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